Helmut Richter, portrait

Helmut Richter, Munich

Contrary to what they look like, the articles on this website are not attempts to teach but attempts to learn. A great method for learning something is to arrange it in new ways as if one were teaching, and to proofread it from time to time. I am sharing the output with the reader who is invited to make use of it – well aware that it would be still more effective for him to start from scratch collecting and compiling the material on his own.

School blackboard with inscription: We learn very hard


About natural languages and scripts, and also a bit about formal languages, in English and German. Several articles in English deal with intricacies of German.

Photo: Jutta Knobloch
Hebrew scripture scroll

The book of books

The Bible, its language and its message. Most of it in English.

Photo: Dieter Schütz / pixelio.de
mathematical paper


Mathematics, most of it on secondary school level but not typically taught there, in particular elementary number theory. In English and German.

thistle, thyme, and sage at the roadside

Fact and fancy

This and that penned by me. Not everything is entirely serious, but intentions are. All in German.